• 18 Jan 2018
    hints of sunlight
    on my windowpane
    Barbie dolls
  • 18 Jan 2018
    Was it nine years or
    more of that and more of them
    while we step in zones
  • 17 Jan 2018
    Rain that never stops
    while you have your first day off
    once promised summer
  • 15 Jan 2018
    Unturned dishes
    another sinking wet stone
    in nonsense battle
  • 14 Jan 2018
    Everything will lead
    to the point of long argue
    in constant wild loop
  • 13 Jan 2018
    The river big swell
    take over with the great speed
    drain all with water
  • 12 Jan 2018
    First lost in the rain
    like day without the purpose
    land in Loki's cloud
  • 11 Jan 2018
    Where is all the sense
    in everything you do now
    when all lead to waste
  • 10 Jan 2018
    Still too much pressure
    from all the surrounding sites
    not in the good vibes
  • 07 Jan 2018
    Join with that water
    where They departed year ago
    into last journey
  • 06 Jan 2018
    Spontaneous drive off
    to enjoy the good evening
    that feels like right home
  • 05 Jan 2018
    Rain slows down summer
    in overtiming approach
    but still with madness
  • 04 Jan 2018
    Quietning day with
    the slowly coming rain in
    the first land of mind
  • 04 Jan 2018
    in between moving shadows
    a fallen star
  • 03 Jan 2018
    swirling in the night wine
    a lone star
  • 03 Jan 2018
    Changing the outcome
    intensity surrounding
    to plateaux features
  • 02 Jan 2018
    Terrible new start
    after too hard mental push
    in crazy times through
  • 30 Dec 2017
    And so hanging out
    again in the still limbo
    between my own worlds
  • 29 Dec 2017
    The Dumb will be dumb
    and you can not change a thing
    when you deal with dumb
  • 28 Dec 2017
    Again rush to stars
    with poxi puzzled twisting
    of life turned around
  • 27 Dec 2017
    And everybody
    leaving at ones like big burst
    life after christmas
  • 25 Dec 2017
    Big celebration
    big with friendly atmosphere
    big in a sun's heat
  • 24 Dec 2017
    The two turmed faces
    of one that holy wild day
    with grinch talking through
  • 23 Dec 2017
    Turn in river tides
    just smoothen the surface light
    in time to christmas
  • 22 Dec 2017
    opening the empty door
    in the madness place
  • 21 Dec 2017
    higher mountains
    the need to reach the stars
    in our silence
  • 19 Dec 2017
    Insane burst problem
    for owners coffee demand
    while chaos spreads more
  • 18 Dec 2017
    The bad decision
    taking rough consequences
    and stirring all life
  • 15 Dec 2017
    evergreen violets
    a butterfly seeks rest
    on the gravestone
  • 13 Dec 2017
    under the redwoods
    a worm burrows deeper
    into itself

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What is haikuary?

The term 'haikuary' is a blend of the words 'haiku' and 'diary'. Haiku is a short form of poetry, originating in Japan a few centuries ago.

Haiku normally contain 3 lines totalling 17 syllables, in the order of 5 / 7 / 5

Matsuo Basho, Japan's most famous writer of haiku, will illustrate the form:

Wrapping dumplings in
bamboo leaves, with one finger

she tidies her hair

A simple and beautiful glimpse into a flake of his life.

Here it is again, broken down:

Wrapp-ing dump-lings in (5 syllables)
bam-boo leaves, with one fin-ger
(7 syllables)
she tid-ies her hair
(5 syllables)

Why did I do it?

I was sitting with a friend in a Japanese restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. Whilst waiting for our food I wrote a haiku on a paper placemat. It was something about noodles jumping into my belly and that we shall be good friends.

My friend suggested that this kind of simple poetry would benefit the children in her class and help them reflect on their day-to-day lives. I agreed and decided to create something online that would enable that, for everyone.

Taking time to reflect on the tiny and often forgotten moments in our daily lives can be cathartic and it's amazing what you can capture when limited to just 17 syllables; it focuses the mind.

But haikuary is not about Poking and 'I Like This!' so feel free to switch on 'private mode' (in your settings area) and keep your writings personal, or share them with the community and inspire others.

Why the invitations?

This was never going to be a giant project, and I wanted to ensure that the people creating their daily haiku were here for the right reason; to take time out, to reflect. I believe that word of mouth, friends inviting friends, tends to be the best way of achieving this.

It also makes it a little special.

And it's yours

Whilst this is a great place to write and centralise your haikuary from anywhere you have an internet connection, you should ideally download your writings as often as possible.

I will do my best to ensure your haikuary entries are safe, but we all know how technology can let us down. Personally, I download my haikuary at least once a week. Go to the menu inside your account (top right hand corner) and select Download as PDF - I have designed it to look like an old book.

Thanks for sharing

I hope you enjoy adding to your haikuary every day. If you think you know someone who may also enjoy taking a small amount of time every day to create their own, send them an invite (it's in the menu at the top right corner, when you're logged in)

If you have any suggestions as to how I could improve things, do get in touch.

in love,
Gavin Bloemen

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